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The Book

It all started when...

I worked with a gentle woman who was told she would no longer receive cancer treatment, that she should prepare for the end of her journey in this life. She inspired me to motivate conversation around considering and preparing for the end of your life and also as a guide for those who are caregivers. 

The Beauty of Living & Dying is my photographic invitation into the beauty of transitions in nature, and the process of acceptance of change. The journal gently coaxes with questions, to uncover what is deeply important for you to share with others. The journal is your view of your unique footsteps in mankind and a way to describe in what manner you would like your last days to be celebrated. Are there certain smells that you like to have around you?  Is there specific lighting, sounds, passages to be read, cherished people to be around you? Are there rituals or practices that you would like to follow?

Based on the questions, we work together with  thoughtful daily meditations, to recording your creative journal of what is practically and spiritually important to you. These are your first steps to contemplating the process of endings and goodbyes and make interesting, empowered - even celebratory choices. The book will soon be available as an ebook.

Please let me know on the contact page if you would like to be one of the first to purchase this book and I will notify you of the publication date.

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