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I am drawn to the conscious stillness of daily meditation, the indigenous knowledge of nature, the thrill of scientific offerings, and the respect for community tribe and ritual. 

This is a beautiful time to be alive - we have a profound opportunity to sustain awareness and co-create in the world. Join me in finding the joy we all deserve!


Claudia is a Life Coach and End of Life Guide using Reiki and various healing modalities. She is also an herb and essential oils educator.  Claudia Is interested in the balance between intuition and science and she believes in creating balance in the body and ultimate healing with the power and focus of our thoughts. She shares her knowledge of nutrition, organic gardening and herbs, sustainability, and foraging with the community. She makes her own herbal tinctures and dries herbs.

Claudia's is certified in Postive Psychology, and she has studied indigenous shamanic ways, classical and various schools of yoga and meditation, and she took a course in end-of-life care. She is currently doing a two year training in practical healing tools and communicating in society with a spiritual teacher from Berlin, Thomas Huebl.

Volunteer Reiki work in a local hospital and an end-of-life course, led Claudia to become interested in continuing the sometimes taboo conversation about contemplating end of life at any age.  Claudia's book "The Beauty of Living & Dying,"  was inspired by her passion to help others to explore the journey towards death in a graceful, peaceful and empowering way.




Claudia is an amazing coach. Her wisdom and insight into the soul has given me a great understanding about myself and my journey in this life. My sessions with her have changed my life.



To be able to relax, unwind and be guided comfortably in meditation by Claudia was a quiet, restful, and refreshing experience. Her soothing delivery allowed me to fully unwind and her positive affirmations resulted in my being relaxed, rejunevated, and focused on the positive.



Claudia is a loving, gentle soul. She is the embodiment of compassion, empathy and understanding. With a wide open heart, she is so easy to talk to, no matter what the subject. I feel like I've know her all my life! 



My patients who are undergoing radiation therapy find Reiki to be a very effective supplementary treatment. The Reiki sessions under the guidance of the warm and caring nature of Claudia have shown a noticeable beneficial effect on the patients. The inner calmness they have thereby gained is an important step towards their cancer survivorship. Thank you, Claudia.

Jose Barba, MD / Director of Radiation Oncology /Mountainside Hospital


Peace and wellness was an over all feeling I would get after every session. I would feel the energy once I was on the bed, and I began to breath in and relax to the scent of the oil drops placed on my hand.  The real healing began when Claudia placed her hands on me -- I would instantly feel the energy and heat coming from her hands. My body felt the negative sick feeling slowly release itself from my body, and it would feel like something new and good was replacing the bad. It is peaceful, energetic and totally relaxing, but most of all I would feel something deeper that I can't find words to express.  Except, that it was all good and I will always want more. 

Margarita Urrutia


Can an hour with Claudia change your life?  You will see for yourself. I can tell you that even now I can close my eyes and remember, and even feel her wise intuitive hands on my body and maybe even my soul. There are few hours of peace and tranquility I can remember in my life and this was one of them. I suggest that you invite into your day, a Reiki session with Claudia and you will understand what I am saying. I cannot wait until my next session.

Elizabeth Lapin


As Claudia touched my injured head, I felt powerful Reiki energy healing me through her compassionate hands.

Gunilla Asp / Christian Chaplain and Reiki Master


I am a survivor of recurrent cancer and other very serious health issues. I have maintained a very positive attitude throughout the years and still do. However, I am not a robot, but a very normal human being undergoing, at times, the emotional ups and downs of this situation plus the often unavoidable stresses of daily life. And here is where Reiki comes in. I have personally experienced that Reiki restores emotional calmness and, at the same time, reinforces the inner strength one needs to fight the battle against cancer. Claudia's ever-ready warm smile and gentle touch are well suited to help along the path to healing and to get the most benefit from this type of therapy.

Brigitta Neu