Support for Transitions

Claudia is an exquisitely attuned listener; her loving counsel is always finely nuanced...
— Mark Nesselson, MD

We all experience change daily and we can move through stressful transitions moment to moment, aging with grace.

Change can motivate you to more deeply seek your purpose.  But, sometimes change feels too hard and it's difficult to do it on your own.  It requires someone who can be present with you in the emotions that you're feeling.  I will help you to have a sense of perspective and guide you to refine your intuition by respecting your emotions. I have a history of experience with cultures and working with family and relationship stress. I deeply feel our body's connection to nature and the cycles of life. Self care is the first step in healing.

Practical and spiritual tools can be helpful to you as I guide you step by step with your challenges for personal and professional goals. Over time daily meditation creates a familiar base in your life. You begin to feel more inner space to develop your intuition and more perspective.  I have meditated for over 30 years and I can guide you with various simple meditations.  

Having a conscious plan can help you to focus your time, reduce stress and live each moment more effectively through a deeper connection to the present.  The International Coach Federation states “Those who undertake coaching can expect appreciable improvement in productivity, satisfaction with life and work, and the attainment of relevant goals.” 

It is important to be seen for what you can offer to lead a fulfilling personal and business life - and discover your passion. In the end the answers will come from you with the right supportive inquiry.  

When you are clear with your priorities, your boundaries, and your pace, your life and relationships will have new flow and meaning. I will support you in your transitions.


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