Coaching & Mentoring

Claudia possesses the key attributes of an effective coach! She is kind, loving, present and astute.

— Emiliya Zhivotovskaya, MAPP, PCC, ERYT CEO & Founder, The Flourishing Center

I offer coaching to individuals and couples of all ages and backgrounds, in person and online face to face (through Skype or Zoom) anywhere in the world using the approaches and modalities below. Couples, singles, teens, women who long to expand - all are welcome. As we seek change in search of excellence and purpose we weave the threads of our personal tapestry. I will support you on your path.
While Coaching sessions can work with your short term goals and continue for weeks, mentoring often involves longer objectives and life changes and sessions can often continue for a year.
Did you take walks in nature as a child? Some of my favorite sessions are walk & talk inner discovery for those who appreciate nature. These walks can offer an opening to your inner process through connection to the earth, which may not appear in an office setting.

Positive Psychology

I will teach you practical concepts and methods based on applied neuroscience which help you to live a full life. These concepts include working with mind chatter and circular and negative thought patterns. We will work with reframing those energy draining thoughts and develop a deeper awareness of your process, while identifying your strengths and your objectives. 

Mystical Principles of Healing (of Thomas Hübl) 

We will connect with the inner spaciousness of our physical body, our emotions and our mind to become more conscious of our inner state from moment to moment which in time leads to deeper intuition and more clarity and wisdom in communication. We will practice step by step how to use this inner spaciousness in quiet meditation and in focused daily life with others.


I offer meditation instruction for new seekers of meditation. We can explore silent meditation, guided meditation and walking meditation. As this practice grows you will experience a calmer state in the day and during sleep. In time, a consistent meditation practice will allow for more clarity with insights, making you conscious of your internal guidance system and in turn feeling empowered with your own creating.

Essential Oils & Herbs

I educate on the uses of therapeutic essential oils and herbs for calming and mental clarity, skin health, prevention and general health & wellness as well as persistent concerns. I also use essential oils in my practice for working with stress.


I have practiced Reiki for 10 years in homes, office, and hospital settings. I work with children, pets, those with illness and end of life care. Reiki is calming for stress, and is especially helpful for trauma and grief.

Energy Medicine

I offer sessions on the BEMER, energy medicine, which increases microcirculation in the body in just 8 minutes. This medical device is a full length mat which allows you to sit or lay down and in minutes creates homeostasis in the body for optimum improvement of circulatory difficulties. It creates both relaxation and increased energy and can be helpful for sleep.

Connection with Nature

I have had a special intimacy with nature since childhood and I will share my insights on healthy living, foraging and healing with the earth, water and plants as powerful healers. In this way your body can find a healthy flow of energy with the cycles of life from birth to death in relation to eating, sleeping, sexuality and the seasons of nature. In early family systems and tribal communities this guidance was offered by tribal elders, chaplains, rabbi, imam, and shaman who would guide in the balance of the body, mind and soul. Guidance and support to connect with your own inner wisdom, through a related presence of another, can be a deeply grounding factor in today's rapidly shifting eco-system. 


The first session is an initial intake session and is 1 hour and 50 minutes and subsequent sessions are 50 minutes unless agreed upon otherwise. contact me.