My Coaching Tools

Positive Psychology

I will teach you practical concepts and methods based on applied neuroscience which help you to live a full life. These concepts include working with mind chatter and circular and negative thought patterns. We will work with reframing those energy draining thoughts and develop a deeper awareness of your process.

Mystical Principles of Healing (of Thomas Huebl) 

We will connect with the inner spaciousness of our physical body, our emotions and our mind to become more conscious of our inner state from moment to moment which in time leads to deeper intuition. We will practice step by step how to use this inner spaciousness in quiet meditation and in focused daily life with others.


I offer meditation instruction for new seekers of meditation. We can explore silent meditation, guided meditation and walking meditation. As this practice grows you will experience a calmer state in the day and during sleep. In time, a consistent meditation practice will allow for more clarity with insights, making you conscious of your internal guidance system and in turn feeling empowered with your own creating.

Connection with Nature

I have had a special intimacy with nature since childhood and I will share my insights on healthy living and healing with the earth, water and plants as powerful healers. In this way your body can find a healthy balance in relation to eating and the deep connection of the cycles of life with the seasons of nature.