Celebrate Endings

 IS A private and global conversation

Every moment is a choice to celebrate and endings can include joy. 
My patients who are undergoing radiation therapy find Reiki to be a very effective supplementary treatment. The Reiki sessions under the guidance of the warm and caring nature of Claudia have shown a noticeable beneficial effect on the patients. The inner calmness they have thereby gained is an important step towards their cancer survivorship. Thank you, Claudia.

Jose Barba, MD / Director of Radiation/ Oncology Mountainside Hospital




End of Life JOUrnaling

Do you have fears around dying? Have you taken time to contemplate the practical and spiritual aspects of the end of your life?  Can you help a loved one to talk about what is important to them?

Have you considered that end of life can be a creative celebration just as your birth? 

This is a sacred process of being present with what sparks your interest. Of being curious with yourself and honoring your life even in the last stages. In our sessions, I can walk you through the process of how to let others know what you want - to create your own celebration as you would like it.

Journaling Sessions

A time of contemplation... I will walk you through your process of discovery, to tell your story of what inspired you in life and who you inspired. Do you have particular traditions and rituals that you want to further explore and include in your journal? We can do this together.  

Are their colors, scents, particular objects  that bring you to a peaceful state?

Maybe there are healing music, sounds, and passages that you would like to note in a journal to share with loved ones - now - or at a later date...

When requested, I often use short visualizations, meditations and Reiki in the process to help ease fears.

What is Reiki? A gentle voice, laying down, fully clothed, a comforting light touch, eyes closed, meditating together, co-healing. You have the freedom to escape into a dream of healing and grounding, whatever you need to come to balance. Fear, sadness, anger or grief are free to with a whisper of tenderness - for yourself.  Reiki is especially good for trauma and grief. 

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